Sony SNT-EX104

Sony SNT-EX104

Four Channel Video Surveillance Encoder

Designed for use in applications requiring up to four analogue channels, the SNT-EX104 is a powerful, fully featured video encoder delivering a range of unique features.
The SNT-EX104 delivers a unique four channel stand alone camera encoding concept which adds significant value and performance to existing small to medium sized analogue systems.
Converting up to four traditional analogue video signals into multiple digital video streams for transmission via IP-based networks, the SNT-EX104 encoder offers unrivalled network flexibility. Sony's unique XDNR (Excellent Dynamic Noise Reduction),VE (Visibility Enhancer) technology and DEPA Advanced (Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture) combine with RS-485 and Coaxitron telemetry support to deliver superior image quality, a powerful video and audio analytics capability and advanced telemetry support to existing analogue systems.
The combination of powerful features and the enhancements offered to existing systems makes the Sony SNT-EX series the obvious choice when migrating from an existing analogue camera system, to an IP based monitoring solution. ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) compliance for easy interoperability with IP monitoring products from a variety of manufacturers.

The perfect four channel stand alone analogue to digital migration solution from Sony

Sony's SNT-EX104 encoders connect with up to four existing analogue cameras to deliver flexible IP integration solutions. Crisp and clear CCTV images are available with Sony's advanced image processing technology. The SNT-EX104 offers enhanced levels of security even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

Highly flexible network capability

Enjoy exceptional operational flexibility using the ideal compression format for differing image and network types (JPEG for high quality still images

Optimum image quality when using traditional analogue cameras

By using Sony's SNT-EX range of encoders users can benefit from unrivalled image quality. State of the art image enhancing technology, that only Sony can offer, delivers clearer, brighter and higher quality images.

Simple to install, easy to maintain.

Intelligent IP and MAC support for up to four address simplifies installation and reduces servicing and time and costs

ONVIF compliance offers the optimum in system flexibility.

Compliance with ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) ensures interoperability and maximum flexibility between a wide range of manufacturers' network video products.


Sony SNT-EX104 Размер: 105.8 Кб
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